The 10 Best Insurance Companies in Kenya 2024

Insurance is a vital component of financial planning, providing policyholders with financial protection or reimbursement against various losses. Through a contract represented by a policy, insurance companies pool clients’ risks to make payments more affordable for the insured. Insurance aims at protecting your car, house, health, or life, hedging against financial losses from accidents, injuries, or property damage. Insurance also covers costs associated with liability for damage or injury caused to third parties.

In Kenya, the insurance market is strong, with 58 insurers and reinsurers offering a wide range of products. The market is dominated by major players such as CIC, Jubilee, Britam, ICEA, Lion General, and APA Insurance. Notably, general insurance leads the industry, accounting for 60% of the gross written premiums.

Here are the 10 best insurance companies in Kenya 2024.



Britam, a diversified financial services leader, boasts a rich legacy spanning back to its establishment in 1965. Renowned for their flexibility and customer focus, Britam caters to a wide range of needs. These encompass insurance, asset management, banking, and property development.

The company’s comprehensive product portfolio includes life, health, and general insurance, alongside pensions, unit trusts, investment planning, wealth management and offshore investments. They also offer retirement planning, discretionary portfolio management, property development, and private equity. Britam further extends its offerings to encompass banking services and property insurance, including funeral covers, family protection plans, and personal accident covers.

One of the standout benefits of Britam insurance is its assurance of peace of mind, ensuring that policyholders and their families have access to top-tier medical care in times of need. The insurance coverage spans three primary areas: inpatient care, outpatient services, and last expense benefits, supplemented by a fire cash benefit.

For instance, the Afya Tele health microinsurance plan targets SMEs and registered groups with ten or more members.

(Contact: +254-705-100-100 | Address: Elgin Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi)

Jubilee Insurance


Established as the first locally incorporated insurance company, Jubilee boasts a strong East African presence. They offer life, pension, and health insurance solutions known for affordability and exceptional customer service.

Jubilee Insurance covers individuals and businesses, with health insurance plans including in-patient, out-patient, maternity, dental, and optical benefits. They also offer specific group covers like J-Junior Medical Cover for children and J-Senior Medical Cover for senior citizens.

Additionally, their corporate health cover includes doctor’s consultations, hospital accommodation, overseas referrals, local road and air evacuation, and Critical Illness Cover.

(Contact: +254-709-949-000 | Address: Jubilee Insurance House, Wabera Street, CBD, Nairobi)

CIC Insurance Group

A pioneer in micro-insurance, CIC provides a comprehensive range of products including home, motor, and health insurance. They are recognized for their innovative approach and commitment to service excellence. Products include coverage for motor, marine, agriculture, personal accident, school products, customized products, travel, domestic package (including property, theft, fire and consequential loss), and sports injury insurance.

(Contact: +254-703-099-120 | Address: CIC Plaza, Mara Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi)

AAR Insurance

One of Kenya’s oldest insurance companies, AAR specializes in health insurance with coverage encompassing chronic conditions, maternity care, and more. Recently, they have expanded into non-medical insurance solutions as well, including Group Personal Accident Cover, Personal Accident Cover, Home Insurance Solution and Professional Indemnity. AAR began as a rescue and emergency services company, transitioning to a health insurance provider in 2012.

(Contact: +254-703063-000 | Address: Real Tower, Upper Hill, Nairobi |

Madison Insurance

Madison Group comprises of Madison Life Assurance Kenya Limited, Madison General Insurance Kenya Limited, and Madison Investment Managers Limited.

They offer competitive rates on various insurance products, with Madison Group Limited mostly specializing in Insurance and wealth management services.

Notably, Madison assists parents in securing a successful education for their children. The company offers the Bima ya Karo Educational Plan, an excellent insurance option for parents aiming to save for their children’s education. This plan ensures the future of children’s education by covering the necessary expenses, enabling them to pursue their dreams

(Contact: +254-202-864-000 | Address: Madison House, Upper Hill Close, Nairobi)


ICEA LION provides a comprehensive suite of insurance products, including home, business, motor, and personal insurance. They are known for their customizable policies and focus on risk assessment. Their home insurance, also known as a “domestic package,” covers your home structure, valuables, home employees, and liability for accidents in your home.

Business insurance involves working with business owners to assess risks and create custom policies. ICEA LION’s motor insurance covers theft, but not the driver of the vehicle, and has an excess of Kes 20,000 for claims under that amount. Personal accident insurance can compensate the authorized driver of your vehicle if they’re involved in an incident. ICEA LION also offers other insurance products, including life insurance, mortgage protection, and retirement annuities.

(Email: | Address: Starehe, ICEA Building, Kenyatta Ave, Nairobi)

Old Mutual

The Old Mutual East Africa Group comprises Old Mutual Holdings PLC and its subsidiaries. They include Old Mutual General Insurance Kenya Limited, Old Mutual Life Assurance Kenya Limited, and Old Mutual East Africa Holdings Group Limited, along with its subsidiaries: Old Mutual Life Assurance Company Limited (operating as a closed fund), Old Mutual Investment Group, and Faulu Microfinance Bank.

Old Mutual offers a wide range of insurance products to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to protect your car with Motor Private Insurance or safeguard your family’s finances with Last Expense Cover, they have you covered. They also offer Travel Insurance for peace of mind while you’re abroad, as well as Health Insurance to help manage medical costs.

For business owners, Old Mutual provides Motor Commercial insurance for both private fleets and specialized vehicles. They don’t stop there, with Death Term Cover ensuring your loved ones are financially secure in the event of your passing, and Physical Impairment Cover offering support in case of a serious accident.

(Contact: +254 711 065 000 | Address: UAP Old Mutual Tower, Upper Hill Road. Nairobi)

Liberty Life Assurance

Liberty Life Assurance Kenya Limited, or Liberty Life, is a life insurance company that offers a variety of products to help customers protect their assets. Liberty Life is one of Kenya’s five largest life insurance companies and is headquartered in Nairobi.

Liberty Life’s products include life insurance, investment solutions, education and retirement savings plans, and group life cover, which can encompass death and disability benefits, funeral expenses, and critical illness riders.

(Contact: 0711 076222 | Address: Liberty House, Processional Way, Nairobi)

APA Insurance

Established as one of the first locally owned companies, APA offers both general and life insurance products. They are recognized for their commitment to service and innovative solutions. APA Insurance Kenya underwrites general insurance risks such as fire, marine, aviation, personal accident, motor, liability, agriculture, property, and micro insurance. They also underwrite health insurance, including corporate, individual, and family health insurance.

APA Life Assurance is one of the leading insurance companies in Kenya, providing life insurance and pension benefits, and has been recognized as the best insurance company in claims settlement (life business). Their individual products—APA Elimu, Pumzisha, Imarika, and HosiCare—further aim to protect generations and help people from all walks of life meet common needs.

(Contact: +254 (0) 20 286 2000 | Address: Apollo Centre, Ring Road Parklands, Westlands)

First Assurance Kenya

Originally a subsidiary of a British multinational company, First Assurance offers various insurance products, including medical, travel, and home insurance.

They are notably known for their comprehensive marine insurance policies. From the initial port to the final destination, marine insurance safeguards against the loss or damage of ships, cargo, and valuable goods. Whether transporting crucial cargo by sea, air, or land, ensuring its safety from potential loss or damage is essential. First Assurance provides coverage that protects merchandise throughout its journey from the initial loading zone to its ultimate destination, mitigating risks of loss or damage during transportation.

(Contact: +254-202-715-464 | Address: Dagoretti South, First Assurance Hse, Gitanga Rd)

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