Safaricom achieved remarkable recognition, securing the third position in Forbes’ 2023 list of the World’s Best Employers in Africa. 

With an overall ranking of 164th among 700 multinational companies from 43 countries, this acknowledgment is based on a comprehensive survey involving over 170,000 employees across 50 nations. The criteria encompassed recommendations to friends or family and employer ratings on aspects like talent development. 

Safaricom’s notable placement at 67th on the Forbes Global 200 list of World’s Best Employers further highlights its commitment to fostering an exceptional workplace environment.

In the African employer landscape, South Africa’s Absa and Standard Bank secured the top two positions in Forbes’ ranking. 

Forbes evaluated various factors to determine the best employers in Africa, including employee feedback, anonymous surveys, recommendations, talent development, remote working options, parental leave benefits, diversity, work-life balance, and pride in the company’s products or services. 

These criteria reflect a holistic approach to recognizing organizations that prioritize their workforce’s well-being and development.

Safaricom’s commitment to employee development is evident through its comprehensive safaricom careers programs, offering employees valuable opportunities for growth. 

The company fosters a positive working environment with initiatives promoting recognition and rewards. These employee-centric efforts significantly contribute to Safaricom’s esteemed reputation as an employer, fostering a workplace culture that values and acknowledges its workforce.

The safaricom share price today at KES 13.70, is a reflection of the positive impact of its employee-centric approach on market perception. 

The strong correlation between employee satisfaction and shareholder value underscores the significance of Safaricom’s commitment to fostering positive employee relations, contributing to a favorable market outlook and enhanced shareholder confidence.

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Sambaza Safaricom Credit introduces employee benefits and perks, enhancing the overall employee experience at Safaricom. 

This internal collaboration and support initiative contribute to heightened employee satisfaction, fostering a positive work environment and reinforcing Safaricom’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being and contentment of its workforce.

The safaricom app plays a pivotal role in customer engagement, offering features that contribute to a seamless user experience. Meanwhile, safaricom home fibre provides reliable home fibre services, enhancing Safaricom’s positive image as an employer by showcasing its commitment to technological innovations that meet customer needs and expectations.

For Safaricom to enhance its ranking, continued focus on employee satisfaction, talent growth, and innovative workplace practices is essential. Learning from the successes of Absa and Standard Bank can guide Safaricom in its journey toward becoming a top employer in Africa.

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