Raisin Capital

Raisin Capital, an esteemed advisory firm specializing in capital raising across Africa, is based in Nairobi and extends its reach throughout East Africa.

The firm recently played a crucial role in facilitating the successful conclusion of a new shares purchase agreement for SMEP Microfinance Bank.

This transaction, approved by the Central Bank of Kenya, results in HOPE International acquiring a controlling 51% stake in SMEP. The partnership between the two companies is a testament to Raisin Capital’s commitment to providing innovative financial solutions to underserved markets.

The firm offers a comprehensive suite of services to clients in need of capital. This encompasses eligibility assessment, business preparation, investor matchmaking, and transaction management. What sets Raisin apart from its industry counterparts is its unique provision of a dedicated capital raising partner for clients.

Through this distinctive approach, raisin capital has positioned itself as a leading African advisory firm specializing in capital raising.

As the CEO of SMEP Microfinance Bank, Symon Kamore emphasizes that the collaboration with HOPE International serves to enhance SMEP’s competitiveness and foster expansion, in harmony with their fundamental mission of alleviating material and spiritual poverty within Kenyan families.

The recent equity transaction orchestrated by Raisin Capital has empowered Illuminate HOPE International to secure a controlling 51% stake in SMEP, creating reciprocal advantages such as improved resource access and an increased potential for growth and expansion for both entities.

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Symon Kamore, Chief Executive Officer of SMEP Microfinance Bank, expresses the belief that the recently concluded deal holds strategic significance, seamlessly aligning with the institution’s overarching mission.

According to Francis Nasyomba, who serves as the Lead Transaction Advisor at Raisin Capital, the deal is viewed as transformative, poised to redirect investor attention and interest.

When considering both perspectives, it becomes evident that the deal stands as not only substantial but also advantageous for all parties involved, promising a positive impact on various levels.

The equity deal between SMEP and HOPE International, facilitated by Raisin Capital and Investments Kenya, incorporates scalable capital raising strategies that will positively influence SMEP’s market position, growth trajectory, and fulfillment of its mission.

Additionally, leveraging HOPE International’s global experience in microfinance, the deal is poised to make Kenya an even more attractive destination for impactful capital investments.

Dedicated to advancing economic growth in East Africa, this financial firm, raisin capital and investments, has been instrumental in transforming the regional financial sector. By forging strategic partnerships that create pathways for prosperity, they consistently uphold their commitment to making a positive and enduring impact.

In conclusion, raisin capital and investments kenya plays a vital role in the macroeconomic development of Kenya through its strategic involvement in share purchase agreements.

By facilitating essential capital for business expansion, these agreements orchestrated by the company contribute to job creation, sectoral growth, and increased competition, ultimately shaping a positive and dynamic impact on Kenya’s economic landscape.

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