Nation Media Group's Net Loss Hits KES 205.7M in FY 2023

Nation Media Group, East and Central Africa’s leading independent media house, reported a net loss of KES 205.7 million for FY 2023, a stark contrast to the previous year’s profit of KES 318.5 million. The cost of sales also surged by 21%, further pressuring profitability.

Given the economic headwinds and ongoing investments in digital transformation, the nation media group board of directors opted to forgo dividend payouts for 2023.

Despite the financial losses, bright spots emerged for Nation media group kenya.

Their digital footprint continued its upward trajectory, reaching 60.2 million users.

This expansion reflects the success of their “Digital Northstar” strategy, which prioritizes audience acquisition and engagement initiatives.

Niche publications like Business Daily, The East African, and Taifa Leo witnessed revenue growth, a testament to the effectiveness of insightful content and strategic partnerships.

Additionally, nation media group radio stations Easy FM and KFM also thrived, alongside their digital platforms.

NMG undertook strategic moves during the year, reflecting their focus on the digital landscape. In a move that highlights a potential shift in content consumption preferences, they impaired their Kenyan printing press, incurring a one-time charge of KES 291.4 million.

Furthermore, Nation media group kenya launched its second share buyback program in July 2023, aiming to repurchase up to 19.03 million shares. By the year’s end, 14.3 million shares had been acquired, with the program scheduled to conclude in July 2024.

NMG setbacks stemmed from a confluence of internal and external factors that squeezed their profitability.

Externally, a challenging economic environment hampered NMG’s performance. Rising prices for essentials like food and fuel, coupled with higher interest rates, dampened consumer spending. This translated into a decline in advertising revenue, a crucial income source for NMG.

Advertisers tighten their belts during economic downturns, leading to fewer ad placements in newspapers and on radio and TV broadcasts.

Adding fuel to the fire was the depreciation of the Kenyan shilling against the US dollar. Since Nation media group kenya relies on imported newsprint, a key material for their physical publications, the weakening shilling drove up their costs. This significantly impacted their profit margins, as the cost of producing newspapers rose while consumer spending on them fell.

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The ongoing global crisis added another layer of uncertainty. Potential disruptions to global supply chains and rising prices of essential goods could further impact consumer spending and advertising budgets. An unstable international situation creates a cautious economic climate, leading businesses to hold back on advertising expenditures.

Internally, Nation media group kenya faces a challenge that transcends the current economic climate: the changing media landscape. Consumers are increasingly migrating towards digital platforms for news and entertainment, leading to a decline in traditional media consumption like newspapers, TV, and radio.

This shift represents an existential threat to NMG’s core business model. As fewer people pick up a physical newspaper or tune into a traditional broadcast, advertising revenue – heavily reliant on audience size – inevitably shrinks.

While Nation media group kenya weathered a difficult year financially, their commitment to digital transformation and audience engagement remains clear. The continued growth of their digital platform and niche product success offer promising signs for the future.

NMG’s ability to capitalize on their growing digital audience and effectively manage costs will be crucial in determining their future financial success.

Inquiries about Nation media group kenya can be directed through the nation media group contacts at (020-3288000, 0719-038000, 0732-038000) or their website It’s important to note that Nation media group kenya is a separate entity from daily post kenya.

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