Monica Chege, the Head of Marketing at Jubilee Health Insurance, has achieved a significant recognition by being awarded the prestigious Marketer of the Year 2023 by the Marketing Society of Kenya.

The Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) Awards, a prestigious event, acknowledges excellence in marketing. The Marketer of the Year category specifically recognizes individuals who excel in marketing planning, emphasizing the mastery of both the science and art of marketing. 

The MSK, as the national umbrella body for marketers in Kenya, plays a vital role in regulating, empowering, and fostering growth in the marketing industry through policy creation, education, training, and mentorship.

During the awards ceremony held on Saturday night, jubilee health insurance also secured the ‘Best PR Campaign Award 2023’. The recognition is attributed to the profound impact of the AFYA MASHINANI initiative, which has significantly transformed healthcare accessibility for underserved communities.

Njeri Jomo, CEO of jubilee health insurance kenya, expressed her joy, emphasizing that the award ceremony represented a dual triumph for the company.

“We are very excited to emerge winners during the MSK Awards,” she said.

These two awards demonstrate our company’s unwavering commitment and passion to make healthcare services accessible to all. We will continue to innovate solutions that transform lives while empowering individuals to receive quality medical care,” said Njeri.

At the awards ceremony, Monica Chege, Head of Marketing at jubilee health insurance, conveyed, “The MSK Award Ceremony was truly a remarkable moment. I am humbled to have been named as the Marketer of the Year. I am so delighted that our company bagged the MSK Award for Best PR Campaign.”

“These wins underscores our tireless dedication to craft impactful and innovative strategies that resonate with the community and leave a lasting impact, “said Monica.

The Afya Mashinani Initiative is a community-focused program designed to address the healthcare needs of underserved populations. This comprehensive initiative includes impactful outreach, education, and the provision of quality medical services. 

Launched in Nakuru County, the program reached over 5,000 people during a week-long medical drive. Additionally, the Afyabora Mashinani Initiative extends support to rural communities, schools, children’s homes, and churches.

The success of the Afya Mashinani Drive highlights the collaborative efforts of Jubilee Health Insurance and various stakeholders. The dedication of healthcare professionals, volunteers, and community leaders has transformed lives and communities, making healthcare more accessible and impactful.

Jubilee Health Insurance is dedicated to making tangible differences in individuals’ and families’ lives by improving healthcare accessibility. Through a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence, the company strives to create lasting impacts on the well-being of communities, ensuring quality healthcare is within reach for all.

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