CIC Unit Trust

CIC Unit Trust Scheme maintains market dominance in Q3’2023, reinforcing its position as a leading player in the financial sector with robust performance and widespread investor trust.

With a commitment to financial excellence and customer satisfaction, cic group provides investors with opportunities to participate in professionally managed funds, fostering growth and stability within the dynamic financial environment.

The Q3’2023 report highlights CIC Unit Trust Scheme’s commanding presence, revealing assets amounting to Ksh61.2 billion by September 2023. 

This substantial financial achievement cements CIC’s leadership in the Collective Investments Scheme market, showcasing investor confidence and the scheme’s adept management of substantial assets in the investment landscape. 

In the same market dynamics, CIC Unit Trust Scheme distinguishes itself, surpassing competitors. Britam Unit Trust Scheme follows with Ksh33.4 billion, while NCBA Unit Trust Scheme and ABSA Unit Trust Funds trail with Ksh32.3 billion and Ksh4.3 billion, respectively. 

CIC Unit Trust Scheme’s dominance in the market can be attributed to a combination of strategic investment management, a robust track record, and a client-centric approach. 

Its ability to consistently deliver strong returns and effectively manage investor funds has built trust, solidifying its position as a leading choice in the Collective Investments Scheme market.

During Q3’2023, competitive cic money market fund interest rates were offered. The daily rate stood at 10.05% p.a., with an effective annual rate of 10.53% p.a. The highest yield over one year was 10.05% p.a., while the lowest was 8.71%.

Comparatively, the 2022 average was 8.73%, showing an increase in 2023 with an average to date of 8.95%, reflecting the fund’s consistent performance and attractive returns.

On how to join cic money market fund, investors can  begin by completing an application form available on the cic asset management website or visiting their offices. The minimum investment is typically indicated in the fund’s prospectus. 

To initiate cic money market fund withdrawal, investors may submit a written request to the fund manager, with redemption proceeds typically processed within seven working days. 

Conveniently, the cic money market fund paybill details for both deposits and withdrawals are accessible on the cic asset management website, ensuring a seamless and efficient transaction experience for investors.

CIC group emphasizes transparent communication with investors through regular updates, newsletters, and educational materials. Their unique feature lies in hosting investor forums and webinars, providing a platform for direct interaction. 

This approach fosters an informed investor community, enhancing trust and understanding of CIC’s investment products and market dynamics.

CIC Unit Trust Scheme adheres to stringent regulatory requirements, ensuring transparency and compliance. Robust governance practices, including independent trustee oversight, regular audits, and adherence to industry standards, instills trust in the scheme’s operations among investors.

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CIC Unit Trust Scheme envisions future initiatives aimed at expanding investment options and enhancing investor experiences. These plans align with the evolving market landscape, emphasizing innovation, diversified offerings, and technological integration. 

By staying proactive, cic group aims to cater to changing investor preferences and maintain its position as a leading player in the Collective Investments Scheme market.

CIC Unit Trust Scheme prioritizes investor education, offering informative resources and programs. Their initiatives include online materials, workshops, and seminars to empower investors with knowledge about the Collective Investments Scheme. 

This commitment to education reflects CIC’s dedication to fostering financial literacy and enabling investors to make informed decisions in the investment landscape.

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