Bamburi Cement

Bamburi Cement is a key player in East Africa, offering a diverse range of quality cement and concrete solutions. Known for its commitment to sustainability, it contributes significantly to the region’s construction industry.

Mr. Austin A. O. Ouko, a non-executive director, has tendered his resignation, effective November 30, 2023. He joined the board at bamburi cement on August 28, 2020, and held a position on the Audit and Risk and Compliance committee.

After Mr. Ouko’s departure, the Board of Directors at Bamburi Cement Plc has designated Tito David Koros as a Non-Executive Director, commencing from December 7, 2023.

Austin Ouko’s responsibility included verifying the precision of financial data, evaluating and minimizing risks, and overseeing compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This position is essential for upholding the company’s financial integrity, efficiently managing risks, and ensuring ethical and legal compliance across all operations.

Mr. Koros is currently the Managing Trustee/Chief Executive Officer at the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). Before this role, he was the CEO of the Local Authorities Provident Fund (LAPFUND), managing retirement funds for county government and water company employees.

His past experience includes positions in investment management at Stanbic Investment Management (EA) Services Limited, CFC Financial Services, the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA), and the Kenya Tourist Development Corporation (KTDC).

The board of directors expresses a high level of confidence in Mr. Koro’s capabilities in financial investment, people leadership, and organizational change. They believe in his ability to navigate and excel in these crucial aspects, ensuring the effective management and growth of the organization.

The board of directors extends its sincere gratitude to Mr. Ouko for his three years of invaluable contributions, expertise, insightful perspectives, rich experience, and dedicated resourcefulness. They express appreciation for the significant impact he has had on the organization and wish him every success in his future endeavors.

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Moreover, bamburi cement jobs present exciting opportunities for career growth, and interested individuals are encouraged to explore and submit their job applications to become part of this dynamic team.

The current bamburi cement prices for grades 32.5 and 42.5 are set at Ksh 600 and Ksh 970, respectively, reflecting the cost of these specific cement grades in the market.

New leadership at Bamburi Cement is expected to bring changes that could reshape the company’s role in the local and regional economy. The impact may extend to various aspects, including strategic direction, innovation, stakeholder relationships, and overall efficiency.

Additionally, in the broader construction and cement industry, the anticipated effects involve potential shifts in market dynamics, technological advancements, supply chain optimizations, and decisions influencing investment and expansion. The specific outcomes will depend on the strategies implemented by Mr. Koros.

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