Carbacid Investments Plc, a leading player in the market, holds significance as a prominent industrial gas manufacturer across East and Central Africa. 

This article serves as a valuable resource for investors, stakeholders, and those seeking insights into the company. Providing a concise overview, it offers key information and updates, catering to the diverse needs of individuals interested in Carbacid’s role and performance in the market.

Carbacid Investments Limited specializes in the core operations of producing, processing, and marketing carbon dioxide gas. With two main segments, trading and investments, the company effectively utilizes two mines and a fleet of tankers to distribute CO2 across East and Central Africa, establishing its significant presence and impact in the region.

Traded on the Nairobi Securities Exchange under the symbol CARB, Carbacid Investments stands as a vital player, with the company commanding market share of over 65% in the regional carbon dioxide market. 

Carbacid Investments Plc’s financial performance, as indicated on the Nairobi Securities Exchange, is characterized by key indicators, including a stock price of 16.50 shillings and a market cap of 4.2 billion KES. 

With an opening stock price of 17.00 Ksh, the company closed at 16.50 KES per share on November 21, 2023, marking a 0.9% decrease from the prior closing at 16.65 KES. 

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On how to buy Carbacid Investments stocks and shares on the Nairobi Securities Exchange, follow these steps:

  • Set Investment Goals: Define your investment goals, whether for the long term or short term, and establish profit expectations and stop-loss levels.
  • Choose a Stock Broker: Select a stockbroker aligned with your strategy. Ensure satisfaction, as switching brokers later can be cumbersome.
  • Open a Trading Account: Provide necessary documents, like ID and proof of residence, to open a trading account. For Kenyan residents, the process is straightforward, but it may take longer if residing abroad.
  • Deposit Funds: Fund your account using various options, including credit cards, bank transfers, or e-wallets. The available currencies depend on the broker.
  • Buy the Asset: Once your account is funded, purchase Carbacid Investments stocks, applying your chosen investment strategy.
  • Review and Adjust: Regularly assess your performance, learn from mistakes, and adjust your strategy as needed for continuous improvement.

For informed investment decisions, consult reliable sources such as HisaApp and market analysts. Their insights offer a balanced view, helping individuals navigate investment opportunities wisely. Stay updated on market trends and expert analyses to make well-informed financial choices.

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